Saturday, 16 October 2010

Yesterdays trash becomes todays gift

Friday is trash day in our street, and you'll be amazed about the things people throw away. I used to bring everything home that I found still useful and could, just by some paint, look wonderful again. But at a certain point, your house is full.

On Thursday evening, a lot of people who make money out of selling old things wander around the district. I remember an evening, bringing my son to bed and while closing the curtains he saw a guitar at the trash just in front of our house he wanted to have. I ran downstairs and even in these few seconds, one of these secondhand dealers picked it up and refused to give it to me even seeing my little son crying in front of the window. I could buy it from him for 10 euro!

Anyway, yesterday I saw some old vinyl records & took one home. Today we turned it into a lovely bowl. Than we remembered we had loads of them still at the attic, so we made a whole collection of different shaped bowls. Want to try it? I must add, that 8 to 10 minutes as described in the tutorial is way to long when the oven is heated. So the first one leave it in the oven for 3 minutes, if you want make more it took a bit more than 1 minute each to be melted the right way. Another thing, I used aluminum foil on the griddle, otherwise the edges melt. I doubt this is a healthy experiment, so leave the windows open.

Some more lovely vinyl record art, haven't found out yet how to cut these excellent silhouetted shapes, but I will soon.

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