Saturday, 23 April 2011

2 days 2 reasons

Two days of New York for two reasons: Liefgoed & Sister Act. It's been quite some years since I visited NY and it's always been a rush. But this time I had my mind set on going to Brooklyn. No idea of how it was before, but now it was a real pleasure strolling around the streets & having a look at the little shops. My two favourites being Papel & Acorn. Papel is a lovely shop selling all kinds of paper, cards & stationary. For more pictures & the story of Papel Allyn wrote a very nice piece.
The other favourite is Acorn. A beautiful toy shop and not only for children as my mom will find out tomorrow.

And than the big Broadway Premiere of Joop's & Whoopie's Sister Act. It was a big blast, the show was absolutely amazing. Can't say anything less about the party at the excellent location of Gotham Hall.

One more thing, ever heard of Shake Shack? I didn't, it was just around the corner of the hotel and as there was a line waiting for the door and me being curious I had a go at it. It's a soo much better than the usal snack store and... you can have a glass of wine with it as well. Consider this as an invitation to locate yourselves at Amsterdam.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Zorro, my kinda guy

As some of you might know I'm privileged to see quite a few musicals, today we have the premiere of Zorro. I've seen it a few years ago in Paris and it’s the most passionate play I've ever seen.

All the elements are right, we've got this childhood hero, not using a gun but a sword, which makes the fighting scenes a lot more pleasant to watch.
Riding a horse, not a BMW.
True romance, and I'm not the kind of girl who is in to that, but Zorro coming back home remembering who it is he really loves, proves my theory that men shouldn't marry before 40 (simply because they have to do so much other stuff before that).
And last but not least extremely passionate dancing on the music of the Gipsy Kings.

So I'm really looking forward to experience it once more this afternoon.

Photographs from left to right via:

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Pray for Japan exposition

Maybe you remember the intitiative of Martine of Een Nieuw Avontuur  to collect work of the creative Dutch & Belgians for the exposition of the Japanese Publisher Paumes in Tokyo their Galerie Doux Dimanche for the victims of the tsunami in Japan.
Have a look at Omstebeurt for all the work that's been submitted or a glimpse of the exposition at Galerie Doux Dimanche, or a nice post on the blog of 101 Woonideeen about this initiative.

Photograph via Galerie Doux Dimanche


On one of our trips through our city Amsterdam we found this amazing lunch room. Beter & Leuk is situated in the east of Amsterdam. Their motto is "Stop eating shit, eat good food". We like! Beside this, they also sell non food products with the vision that it should be good for animals and humans. Selling our postcards soon.

This week's favourite artist

Ideal music for a sunny afternoon

Photograph via maxazine

Thursday, 7 April 2011


First signs of Spring = Blossom, unfortunately that time is almost finished.  Last week the trees looked like huge soft pink blankets, but I didn't have my camera with me, so now only the fragile leftovers before the wind takes them.

Oh and I love my, apparently 40 years old, also extremely fragile just purchased golden shoppingbag.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

This weeks favourite artist

We like Jack Johnson this week because Joyce's husband hates him and Monique loves Eddie Vedder. Listen to Constellations, it is probably a one time opportunity to get some Pearl Jam education from this blog...

Photograph via Lfe's Grooves

Being seduced..

Spring finally arrived and we are being seduced by this lovely creature. The art exhibition of Jill Greenberg in Amsterdam at Jaski Art Gallery from April 2- 24.

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