Thursday, 28 October 2010

Bag ladies

Honestly, I can't say I've met a woman who isn't the proud owner of a (huge) collection of bags.

And this is a shame, we know, but we need them! for all kind of occasions: big bag for every day of course (you won't believe the things we have to carry around), a purse for our Iphone (can be found in the every day big bag), a hip bag to go to a festival, park or chill out party. The clutch for nights out, or can be used as well as a make up bag (must fit in the daily bag). The normal sized bag for shopping events & the special occasion bag when dressed fabulously chique.

Now, there are women who simply love their bags and find such joy in finding a new one which fits their outfit perfectly. I know some of these women, and one in particular always comes to my mind when thinking of bags. So Sandra, this one is for you.

All these lovely bags were found via Cargoh

1. organic lace purse by JWRobel

2. Iphone case by Byrd & Belle

3. Grass green 3-1 purse by Zangha

4. Camille rose hip pouch by Ira Grant

5. leather & virgin wool by 11 square meters

6. the clutch by Excessary
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