Sunday, 30 May 2010


We are (Joyce) very lucky to have enough space living in Amsterdam to even have a playroom for the kids. Created 5 years ago, loaded with stuff, which I try to orden once in a while, as they like to use it for storage. Two years ago it was upgraded with an computer, but now, big change is needed. They earned enough money at Queensday selling their stuff and bought (even the same day!) a Wii. That Wii, is now in our living room, and I don't like it. So it has to go to the playroom, but Wii-ing takes up some space to actualy play tennis, bowling etc. which means cleaning up big time. And that's what I've been doing the whole day. No more swords, clowns, prince of Arabia outfits, or even princess slippers, all gone! But what's next? They want to keep the pink wall with Peter Pan & Tinkerbell on it. But I think that's all the pink that's gonna stay. Lounging & wii-ing it will be. Any ideas, love to hear them.


Last wednesday I (Joyce) celebrated my 10 year wedding anniversary. No big party, but a lovely wake up call from the kids, 9 & 6 years old, who made under the guidance of their niece (thanks Jane) a great breakfast at bed, what a way to start. All day through was business as usual, but ending with a very nice dinner with my husband at Van Vlaanderen, which was the last chance as they sold the place. Going through my pictures I found this one, which was as never finished in that way as a postcard, although some elements were used in the final one. Minor detail that the groom is missing in it, but still...

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The new place for your internet shopping is called..

Amaroo. It's a Dutch website collecting THE webshops who know exactly 'what's nice'. Most of us know 'flavourites' a platform which started a few years ago on a similar basis which begame huge. We're sure Amaroo will follow! Find some lovely shops like Puck Unlimited for your girls, all sorts of stuff for the house at Tuttemerull, lovely brocante at Brocante Tante, simply must haves at Alegre and last but not least US for your cards. So have look at Amaroo

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Spring play time

This is just one of the 27 different Liefgoed designed postcards. It simply makes you want to go out and play!

eco friendly cuddles

cutetails & flowertails

Some of these are sold at the webshop, some of them can't be found there. Just send us an e-mail when interested.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Thursday, 13 May 2010

whitsun weekend garden fair

Liefgoed will be present at the Witsun weekend garden fair in Midwoud next weekend (May 22-24), for details

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Our very first website sale

two years ago, we launched the .nl website and this was the first item sold within a day. Made of green & silver leather from leftover fabrics of the musicals of the Stage Entertainment.

The people from Bali making the Tidura's

New release of the old fashioned night gown

Last fall, Liefgoed released the new sleeping & relax shirt with a nostalgic look, called the Tidura. The name comes from the Indonesian word 'tidur' which means 'sleeping'. The Tidura's are made on a small scale exclusively for Liefgoed by two young tailors at Bali, Indonesia.
Even the Dutch trendwatcher Adjiedj Bakas gave an infotorial in is his last book 'The future of love' about the return of the nightshirt.

The house of one of the Liefgoed girls

Last February, in the Flair (Dutch magazine) an interview and a reportage of the house of Joyce.

Sunday, 9 May 2010


A sneak preview of the ADD & EDIT calender!!

Make it! A book for creative women running a webshop and women who are dreaming about it. For sale at

Birth of the Blog

A week after the release of the book 'Maak het' (Make it) of Machteld Stilting we were convinced that having a blog, excisting next to both websites would be a good idea. And also having a twitter account. So the last few days we were into getting to know this and haven't made anything new. That doesn't mean that we haven't got anything to show! Two years of productive labour must fill the blog. So more to come (as soon as we've found out how to place the pictures).
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