Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Lots of sweets at Sugarless

Our eldest son, well not actually mine I'm his wicked most evil step-mother since the age of eight, but still feels like mine as well, went to Barcelona for a couple of days. So his cats needed feeding and on Sunday we went with the whole family.

Turns out that downstairs there is this new wonderful sandwich, high tea and excellent coffee place called Sugarless. And, this is most important to me, all biological. Now in Amsterdam there are a few places with excellent biological sandwiches, but ones with really, 'aaaaiii, these are to good' cakes, sweets, muffins, all without refined sugars or any of these unhealthy flavors & fragrances, are quite rare.

Joyce & Jennifer, the two sisters who own the place, were kind enough to invite us in as a replacement for their absent upstairs neighbor, for their opening celebration. We did our best to duck into the sweets & champagne, kids loved it as well (not the champagne, don't worry).

So dear step-son, next time leave the dinner invitation and ask us for a cup of coffee or lunch downstairs instead. I'm not implying that you're a horrible cook, 'cause you're not, but you can't beat Sugarless.
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