Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas

Just a few hours till Christmas Eve so we are still in time. We wish you all a very nice Christmas time. Although we are not exactly alike the two girls in the picture, it should resemble us, Mo on the left and me in the green on the right. Mo would have gained quite a lot of weight, which isn't true and I would have grown in height, which is unfortunately also untrue.

We've also taken James out of the Music section and replaced him with some Christmas songs. It's a bit of a rock Christmas section now, as we're not in to the very very traditional Christmas songs. Enjoy.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Christmas princesses

Wondering what your princess is going to wear at Christmas? Visit Moti, they have lovely dresses for your girls, made of natural fabric and out of the ordinary. Have a look! My favourite is the blue with gold. You can buy them online at Moti or at Imagine (also selling our postcards) or Lovely at the Park, both in Amsterdam.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Liefgoed in the newspaper Het Parool

The finest DIY for Christmas 2011

I've been surfing the web yesterday evening for the finest DIY for Christmas this year and maybe it's me being too difficult, but it was quite a search looking for extraordinary projects that I really really liked and wanted to do myself. But here they are.

1. Lovely white scenery in a jar from Tortoise and the Hare

2. Nice white clay ornaments, could be used all year around actually. I can also see them used for an advent calender. By Fancy House Road

3.  Truly nice christmas ornaments for in the tree or on a simple branch of wood. By Voyages of the Creative Variety

4. A twinkling glass and red and white chandelier by

5. A beautiful soft and colourful christmas ornament by Happy Serendipity

6. Excellent gift tags free to print for you by Eat drink chic

7. A rendeer shirt, or skirt if you want. Also nice for the kids. By Freckles in April

Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Joyce's husband found his devotional for his first communion, so cute. We're puzzled about the seven thingies at the bottom, anybody? We'll reward you with a virtual kiss!

Favourite artist of this very moment

As we are missing any regularity on the favourite artists section we've choosen James Morrison for the one, for as long as we like, could be a week, could be a month but don't coun't on any changes tomorrow.

Illustration via MALExtra

Friday, 28 October 2011

Go Green Market, October 30

This Sunday 30 October, Liefgoed will be present at the Go Green Market of the Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior festival (10.00 - 17.00). This festival will take place at 29, 30 & 31 October and 3, 4, 5 November, kop Java-eiland Amsterdam. What will we bring with us for you to buy:

Excellent laptop sweaters, made from sweaters done living a life as sweater and given a second life as a warm protector of your precious laptop. We even have Ipad sweaters!

Nice paperclips, given a second change as the were saved from a horrible man who used to molest them! They've been pimped with leather leftovers from musical costumes and finished of with old buttons. So now you can use them as bookmarkers or clips for your bills or anything that needs to be hold together.

Whatelse? The Liefgoed Family Planner for 2012 full with new Liefgoed designs that bring you back to the old days. You'll receive a special bag with the Planner made from old Bali ricebags. And of course the Add & Edit notebook filled with paper saved from the bin. Want to see more? Come and visit us this Sunday. For more information check Sunday Market or Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior Festival for the full program with discussions, music, entertainment and food.

Sunday, 9 October 2011


Ever heard of Aalesund, it's a town in Norway and it has an excellent shop called Farmor Ingvarda selling lovely stuff and... our Liefgoed postcards. Have a look for yourself at Farmor Ingvarda's blog. It's not very likely that we visit Norway anytime soon, but when we do, Farmor Ingvarda will certainly be on the list of things to visit. Thank you Trine for having us in your excellent shop!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Project 52 Kaartjes

We love the idea of the Project called 52 Kaartjes.
An initiative of two sisters Annemiek & Anna who send each other a handwritten card every week and post about it on their blog and twitter.

Why? Because we hardly send or receive handwritten mail anymore. And isn't that a pity! Do you remember there actually was a time that we were looking forward to the visit of the mailman? I bet he was happier too those days, now it's mainly the bills that he needs to deliver, no fun in that. 

So join in, not only you will enjoy it, but also the one receiving it plus it will bring back happiness to the mailman's life, and of course us (... we love to design more and more postcards).

This was this weeks card from Annemiek to Anna.

Photographs via: Cees Picauly & Liefgoed.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Yes, it's available

Very soon available at LIEFGOED
Certainly available this coming Sunday Market on October 2.

2 October Sunday Market

We're gonna be there this Sunday Market outside in the sun with the Liefgoed Family Planner 2012 and our postcards. Hope to see you there.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

it's all about hormones

There is a big possibility that we as a family are expecting a new member soon. Already 7 months on the way. No worries, it has four legs. Driven by uncontrolable hormones we've done some pregnancy shopping around for the possible newcomer.

1 & 2. Atomic Attic
4. Keystone Vintage Lumber
5. Kickstarter
6. Vurv design dogspot at Cyberquirky
7. Aroo Studio
8. BowWowzerZ

Who's version?

We love Raghava KK's idea for educating children multiple perspectives (and it's not only children who need it!) . It's almost a good reason for buying an Ipad. Almost...

Tuesday, 9 August 2011


Yesterday a visit to Seminyak, Bali. It was on our son's wishlist to go there (I love the fact that they get to the age they actually like shopping). It's unbelievable how things can change in such short time. It's been only two years ago since our last visit and although it always was the place to be for design it's been growing and developping with many many more excellent shops.

By nature we went to our known places first, like Jellyfish , it's a kids clothing shop with out of the ordinairy designs where our girl bought her first dress 5 years ago, she has quite a collection now of Jellyfish dresses. Here showing her latetst.

Next visit was the Corner Store (unfortunately no website), I always buy the bags made of ricebags made by Madcow, every year they have different designs.

Stop for a lunch at Made's Warung, I think the best place for a quite Indo atmosphere lunch or diner or simply a drink, serving Indo, Japanese and Western food. It's a place with a long history. They even made the place bigger now, but still maintained the old intimate style.

 Made's Warung in the early days

 Made's Warung now

I pick out two places that caught my attention and are new to me. First one is
La Bijouterie of Cooperative de creation. I like the way they make simple jewellery out of basic materials using letters and natural materials. Unfortunately on the website you can only see a tiny bit of their huge divers collection.

The last one is GV Amazing Crafts, they design wonderful furniture, I'm in love with their desk, couch and old style travel cabinet.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Preview 2012 Agenda

Well, it's almost finished, the new 2012 big size, multiple users agenda.
Two A4 pages a week, one for notes, one for appointments.
For those who got hold of the 2011 version know that one should reserve an 2012 issue quickly as they are published in limited edition only.

All weeks are related to the seasons or to a special day (Christmas, Easter, Mothersday etc.) or events (Dutch Queensday, EK Football etc.).

Below a sneak preview. Want to reserve a copy? shoot us an email.

front cover

back cover

New Year notes

New Year week



International Family Day

EK Football


Playing at the attic, Fall


Thursday, 30 June 2011

Summer cards

Nice! Our summer cards in the Belgian version of Magazine Flair.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Great display

I'm not that in to soap, but I must say the way Janell Anderson from Prunella Soap displays it, makes me wanna buy.

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