Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Dinner Sir

For Rubens first

Not there yet

I'm still a bit off, its my first day up and about since last Friday. The card is in general for those who are still in bed.

this weeks favourite artist

We're kinda fat up with cheerful music, therefore we have chosen for Sergej Vasiljevitsj R., wonderful chap!

Photograph via Pianostreet

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

remedy for grey day

No more grey clouds, only these please

from Atelier Pompadour

This weeks favourite artist

Adele, mostly because my son can't seem to get enough of her songs and we like her as well.

Photo via Audiomuffin

Monday, 17 January 2011

Cherish the chair

I'm looking, or actually I was looking for two new chairs for my ' to be' practice. I couldn't find anything out of the ordinary that was affordable. As you all know, Liefgoed loves re using the old & creating something new with it, and just as I was to give in to a quite ok possible chair I came across Project 99.

At Project 99 they keep the frames of old chairs, which they find or are being given and cover them with materials like clothing, cowhide, wallpaper, rubber and even sometimes material they find on the street. The 99 stands for 99 euro's for a chair. They also have Project 999, for couches & fauteuils.

You can imagine, I wanted to see for myself, so yesterday my little girl & I went to the Herengracht, 'cause they only are open on Sunday afternoons.  You can simply pick a frame and the material you want & they make it for you, how excellent is that! Oh and so sweet, they gave some cowhide to my daughter to make something nice of it, we did, two pieces, one for me & one for her.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Look at

Look at these lovely hand made sweaters, dresses & cardigans for the little ones, so nice.

Not that I have little children that can actually wear them or made any progress on my knitting capacities since October, but still. Sold by Fatsheep. A shop in Amsterdam selling these organic knitwear of 100% eco Merino wool from NZ & Alpaca wool from Boliva. Nice blog as well, that's how we found them.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

this weeks favourite artist

Pretty well known to most people, but as I never listen to the radio I just discovered them 3 weeks ago. Not Monique, she knew them of course, but simply never bothered to tell me, sigh.

Picture via: Kicking the habit

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

you know the feeling?

Selling something you hate to see go. I have that feeling with this fancy golden baby bib with soft fleece inside, not that my 10 or 7 year old fit in, but still. Wish I had made one when my daughter was that small.

Have to urge myself not to hold on to it till one of the kids might have children of their own if ever. Imagining that they only get boys and Granny doesn't care, she insist they wear this precious golden bib at her dinner table, poor lads, no no, lets wrap it up.

Monday, 3 January 2011

this weeks favorite artist

We start 2011 with some pretty strong music of 3 Doors Down

photo via hardrock hideout


Last week, my husband & I went without the kids for 2 days to Ghent, Belgium. It is such a lovely place. Some highlights below.

1. Excellent bed & breakfast Alphabed;
2. Good coffee Barista;
3. Unfortunately they were there only for a short time, but visit the online shop, beautiful stuff all white Soki;
4. We didn't have time enough to visit the museum, at the shop they sell nice things from past times Huis van Alijn;
5. Excellent Italian restaurant, a bit on the outside of the city Il Mezzogiorno. Visit their blog as well for recipes;
6. Lovely exhibition of Art Deco Design Museum;
7. Really beautiful shop Huiszwaluw;
8. Modern Art Museum S.M.A.K.;
9. The best cakes & meringues Julie's House.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

2011 is gonna be great

Ok, this is probably not the best thing you've ever seen, but if you actually like doing this, the red numbers are the end, start again with the black ones, and make nice bows & I promise you we'll never do this again.

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