Sunday, 10 October 2010

Alexandra Brand

Today attention for Alexandra Brand. I met Alexandra two years ago as a fellow student at my palmistry study. As one can imagine with studying palmistry, the sides of us humans which we actually don't want anybody to see, were floating to the surface as well. Discussing these topics, I became more and more interested in Alexandra, the way she looked at things and her eagerness to immediately start figuring everything out. So when I learned she's a photographer and seeing her work, the picture came together. You can see her interest in the human psyche & emotions symbolically represented in almost every piece of her work.

At this moment Alexandra is giving more time to free work, exploring the depths of the human psyche. She is one of the participants of the international contest Viewbook PhotoStory 2010. A contest to which photographers are invited to submit a contemporary collection of images that convey a compelling narrative. You can see her work, negative capability, and vote on the website.

Alexandra graduated at the Royal Acadamy, The Hague in 1998. She photographed for Elle, Elle Wonen, The Colour Envelope (Akzo Nobel) & Hollands Diep. And... she is a wonderful & amazing person. Some more work from her.

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