Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Wouldn't this look nice...

on the Christmas dinner table? Wondering how they did it, can't be too difficult, right?

via Willow Street

If I was a little boy..

...than I would ask Sinterklaas or Santa for these.

By Floris Hovers

Via Frozen Fountain

Monday, 29 November 2010

Dutch recycling with a twist

We love things made out of materials that are no longer used for what they originally were designed for. Marnix Kleefmann is one of those people who sees and creates completely new objects out of the ordinary stuff.

Can you imagine going up to your grandmothers attic finding these old everlasting indestructible Brabantia bread bins, and you remember that your mother use to have the same one, rush over to her place, pick it up and just before you want to go home, you'll drop by your neighbour for a cup of coffee and there you spot your third similar bread bin. But, your neighbour doesn't want to separate from it because she feels its a very useful bread bin. You decide to make deal, you'll buy her a brand new modernly designed upper class super deluxe extremely expensive bread bin. But HEH, it's worth it, because now you can make your own Brabantia cabinet.

Sorry got carried away. Have a look at Marnix-rated

Sunday, 28 November 2010

and the winner is...

As there were so many participants for this weeks giveaway, we thought it would be wise to have a solicitor present & have the drawing on record.

And the winner of this wonderful 2011 Liefgoed agenda is: Marietta Harjono YEAH! Congratulations Marietta! We'll get you a sealed copy over to your place as soon as possible.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Looks like...

...we've found the right school for our kids. Time to move! Make no mistake, we love the school the kids are right now, only problem, it's not in Bali.

Friday, 26 November 2010

This weeks favourite artists

Kings of Leon

Photograph via Citypaper

Ny-Na, One of these places!

Once a month we like to highlight one of the shops that sell our products & have some more inside information about the people who own them. All of the places that sell our products are selectively picked by ourselves as we want to keep them as exclusive as possible.

This month, Ny-Na at St. Jacobsstraat 11, in Leeuwarden. Ny-Na sells our postcards for a long, long time now.
Hope you enjoy!

Who is Ny-Na & what was your motivation for starting the shop?
We are Nynke and Anna, together we form Ny-Na, started 14 years ago in Leeuwarden because we thought that this small city could use some colours and craziness. The things we sell are something completely different what Leeuwarden is used to.

Your favorite article all times in the store
Our favourite article changes every month, it depends on what new stuff we find(like the Liefgoed cards they are amazing), it could be the Mexican altars, lucky charms and right now we have some awesome self-made puppets from local artists.

The worst day of the week & why
We don't have a special worst day but every quiet, rainy day seems the worst hahaha

Your biggest wish for this coming year
Now that the crisis is more or less over we hope that all the small businesses pick up and of course we hope that Ny-Na will become the most popular giftshop in Leeuwarden! Peace, love and happiness would be cool too.

You sell Liefgoed products because…
The cards from Liefgoed fit perfectly in Ny-Na, they are beautiful made, nostalgic and funny just like we are!

Sunday, 21 November 2010

yes yes Giveaway!

Our giveaway is this Liefgoed agenda 2011! Only five test copies are being made & YOU can be one of these five people. All you have to do is retweet and let us know you did, or, for the people not on twitter, shoot us an email (on the right under Contact).

What's story?
Maybe you remember me telling you that my husband was quite annoyed by the fact that he couldn't find a suitable family agenda. Not big enough, no room for extra notes etc. etc. Our species know that a well organized schedule is essential for a happy life, so 2 weeks ago I started designing our own agenda.

It's big, almost A4 size. Has 5 columns for five people. Lots of space notes & the inspirational thoughts every week! Every week another theme. It's filled with old postcards, pictures and Liefgoed designs. Of course this copy has some themes related to our personal live, like the week with the bride & groom is related to our wedding date. The dog theme = birthday of our dog, the car = my husbands beloved old car.

Last Thursday I printed our own copy and it looks even nicer than I thought.
When I visited a new client she saw this agenda and said 'Why don't I have this? I want this!'. Sorry it's not in print for now, we're just too late.

At the pictures below you'll see columns with our names in it, but no worries, your copy will be without them. Oh, almost forgot, everything is in English.

There's 1 tiny thing we want from you, just tell us after using, what you liked, disliked, missed or what could be better. You can do that, right?

Next Sunday we'll let you know who the winner is.

Friday, 19 November 2010

In love

Do any of you receive the Ikea Family Live? It was actually quite nice this time. Normally I flip through it between making lunch & drafting up a list of groceries to get, same this morning. I start at the back and immediately something got my attention. The vase 'Pine-apple' of Lenneke Wispelwey, did you see it?

It's from a collection called 'de zoete inval' (sorry to tired to even try to translate that). But everything is inspired by Grannies highly decorated glassware. I have a soft spot for these pastel colours of crockery, lots of Regout at our tables. So I'm in love. Find more of her excellent designs at the website of  Lenneke Wispelwey

This weeks favourite artist

Bettye LaVette

Photo via  Uncle Funk

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

And this is why

You'll need this huge A4 colourfull multiple users agenda at your home.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Friday, 12 November 2010

Fathers day?

A general question for the fathers, would you appreciate such a background in your agenda for fathers day?

Now a question for the mothers, girls would you mind having such a background for this special day for your partners? It's only one week & I've put the To Do list on that particular spot so they will be reminded of what it is that needs to be done.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

For the small & flat

Childrens books are always nice, and you can read them over & over. But sometimes some of the pages aren't that clean or in one piece anymore. So what to do with the book when they know the story by heart, outgrown them & with dirty pages.

Well you make giftbags or envelopes of them, like these. So lovely for a special Christmas card or a small present.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010


The new edition of Maeve Magazine is out, yeah! Like, like. Just read it yourselves, one thing I love the combination of photography & illustrations in this particular photo shoot. Photography: Rowe Timson, Styling/Illustration: Jody Walker

Monday, 8 November 2010

Sometimes a Monday

I'll be honest, Monday & me don't match to well. But, when a present arrives like the book Sewing Green, with 25 lovely projects made with repurposed & organic materials, with the mail, than a Monday is a fine, fine day. Oh almost forgot! we won this book as a give away from Magpie Patterns. Thank you!!

Sunday, 7 November 2010

This weeks favourite album

 Noble Creatures of the Gourds

 photograph via davismclarty

& more changes

Label was TOO big & as my husband remarked correctly: that piece of paper doesn't look appealing to write on.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

more colours

It needed more colours, so glad I've got a box full of old postcards.

Friday, 5 November 2010


I know, I'm being stubborn. With all these nice agenda's for 2011 available you think I could find one that suits my wishes. But no, I want it big (A4) & I don't want just one for me alone, but one that fits the whole family and can be hanged on the board in the kitchen.

So I've started... today. 52 more weeks to go.

Sweety Pie Mo

For my best working partner & friend. Happy birthday girl.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

work in progress

Best birthday card ever!

Received many cards yesterday, but this is definately the best ever! No 'irresponsible' drinking behavior yesterday night though, maybe next year.

Monday, 1 November 2010


This may come as a surprise to you all (think not), but we love to make stuff. Now what is the best time in the whole year to make stuff, right in the dark November, December times (at least here in Holland).

I can tell you, I used to, that was before the kids arrived. Not that my girl doesn't like crafting, she does! she makes so much in a day that we don't have room for it anymore, so now she enlightens the neighbors with her creations, some of them already have a wall full of them. Anyway, drifting..kids, crafting & December.

The problem of my December is the following: first we have this old chap called 'Sinterklaas', this man gives presents to children at his birthday. Our kids have about three Sinterklaas parties. Followed by birthday no. 1, our son. The next day, birthday no. 2, our daughter. I know, planning is everything. Than we have some work related Christmas dinners and finally Christmas itself.

So tell me, when in this horrible month do I have time to craft. I've decided to start early this year. And I'm so glad that Creature Comforts decided that the beginning of November is an excellent time to issue the Gifted Magazine to get me in the mood. More than 220 beautiful pages filled with ideas, make it yourselves (starting page 71), fashion, gifts & interviews. Eat your heart out! At the end of the blog you can scroll through the magazine.

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