Sunday, 3 October 2010


This afternoon at 5 the World Premiere of Petticoat at the Royal Theatre Carré in Amsterdam. A musical written by André Breedland & Maurice Wijnen with music of Henny Vrienten. I'm quite expectantly about going. Why?

First of all, it is set against the 1950's, it's social context & fashion. An era which I, fashion wise, think is the most stylish & elegant one of all times. Looking at the series 'Mad Men', or even better the movie 'A Single Man' is a cheer joy, just for the costumes only. So knowing only THE best have worked on Petticoat, Cocky van Huijkelom for costumes and Sjoerd Didden for wigs & make-up, makes me eager to go.

Secondly, Paul Eenens, regardless that I love the man for who he is, I adore his work as a director. Every single piece of his hand was a thrilling one. And last but not least, Chantal Janzen, she's not only a pleasure to look at she also has a great sense of humor.

So for me, all the right ingredients are there, and of course there are so many more. But these three alone make me want to go! Want to know more about tonight?, tune in tomorrow.

Fashion photography via Bobbins and Bombshells & Bygone Fashion
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