Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Knit knit knit

We can sew, we can design, we can cook, we can be lovely creatures sometimes, BUT we can't knit. Now as winter is coming up and I came upon an article about Wool and the Gang I started wondering:

Almost everyday I'm wearing this scarf, made by one of my aunts Ria, not for me, but about 30 years ago for my mom. I remember her wearing it at a summer evening garden party.

Do I want to be able to make these wonderful creations myself, Yes! I do, but do I have the time to actually learn it, hmmmm, No! So maybe next summer spend my time knitting in Bali?

Something like this extremely large scarf, that must be possible. A bit less large otherwise I'll be falling flat on my face every time I would be wearing it, or when wrapped many times around my neck you would see a huge pile of wool wandering around the streets. 

Anyway, have a look at the shop of Wool and the Gang 'cause they make you want to knit.

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