Friday, 26 November 2010

Ny-Na, One of these places!

Once a month we like to highlight one of the shops that sell our products & have some more inside information about the people who own them. All of the places that sell our products are selectively picked by ourselves as we want to keep them as exclusive as possible.

This month, Ny-Na at St. Jacobsstraat 11, in Leeuwarden. Ny-Na sells our postcards for a long, long time now.
Hope you enjoy!

Who is Ny-Na & what was your motivation for starting the shop?
We are Nynke and Anna, together we form Ny-Na, started 14 years ago in Leeuwarden because we thought that this small city could use some colours and craziness. The things we sell are something completely different what Leeuwarden is used to.

Your favorite article all times in the store
Our favourite article changes every month, it depends on what new stuff we find(like the Liefgoed cards they are amazing), it could be the Mexican altars, lucky charms and right now we have some awesome self-made puppets from local artists.

The worst day of the week & why
We don't have a special worst day but every quiet, rainy day seems the worst hahaha

Your biggest wish for this coming year
Now that the crisis is more or less over we hope that all the small businesses pick up and of course we hope that Ny-Na will become the most popular giftshop in Leeuwarden! Peace, love and happiness would be cool too.

You sell Liefgoed products because…
The cards from Liefgoed fit perfectly in Ny-Na, they are beautiful made, nostalgic and funny just like we are!

My photo
A brand born from the creative minds of two friends, Joyce & Monique. Sharing their imagination, using the old, mixing it with the new, creating a product which is sweet 'lief' & good 'goed'. Sweet in the sense you want it, good in the sense: good for the environment. This blog is about what inspires us, things we love & updates. Thanks for coming around. *********************************************************************** What else? Well Joyce is married, having two small childeren, and one large one, a cat, has her own palmistry practice. Hates cooking but realizes its a necessity having a family. Vegetarian. Loves Bali & can't wait to move there permanently. Monique has two dogs and two chicken who refuse to do their job. Works at a financial advising agency. Is dieing to come back to Amsterdam. Drives a very cool cabrio, adores the sun and long walks on the beach. Likes gardening (minus the worms). She does like cooking (that's why she picks the recipes). Loves Pearl Jam, but Joyce refuses to have that on the blog.