Monday, 1 November 2010


This may come as a surprise to you all (think not), but we love to make stuff. Now what is the best time in the whole year to make stuff, right in the dark November, December times (at least here in Holland).

I can tell you, I used to, that was before the kids arrived. Not that my girl doesn't like crafting, she does! she makes so much in a day that we don't have room for it anymore, so now she enlightens the neighbors with her creations, some of them already have a wall full of them. Anyway,, crafting & December.

The problem of my December is the following: first we have this old chap called 'Sinterklaas', this man gives presents to children at his birthday. Our kids have about three Sinterklaas parties. Followed by birthday no. 1, our son. The next day, birthday no. 2, our daughter. I know, planning is everything. Than we have some work related Christmas dinners and finally Christmas itself.

So tell me, when in this horrible month do I have time to craft. I've decided to start early this year. And I'm so glad that Creature Comforts decided that the beginning of November is an excellent time to issue the Gifted Magazine to get me in the mood. More than 220 beautiful pages filled with ideas, make it yourselves (starting page 71), fashion, gifts & interviews. Eat your heart out! At the end of the blog you can scroll through the magazine.

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