Monday, 29 November 2010

Dutch recycling with a twist

We love things made out of materials that are no longer used for what they originally were designed for. Marnix Kleefmann is one of those people who sees and creates completely new objects out of the ordinary stuff.

Can you imagine going up to your grandmothers attic finding these old everlasting indestructible Brabantia bread bins, and you remember that your mother use to have the same one, rush over to her place, pick it up and just before you want to go home, you'll drop by your neighbour for a cup of coffee and there you spot your third similar bread bin. But, your neighbour doesn't want to separate from it because she feels its a very useful bread bin. You decide to make deal, you'll buy her a brand new modernly designed upper class super deluxe extremely expensive bread bin. But HEH, it's worth it, because now you can make your own Brabantia cabinet.

Sorry got carried away. Have a look at Marnix-rated

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