Monday, 3 January 2011


Last week, my husband & I went without the kids for 2 days to Ghent, Belgium. It is such a lovely place. Some highlights below.

1. Excellent bed & breakfast Alphabed;
2. Good coffee Barista;
3. Unfortunately they were there only for a short time, but visit the online shop, beautiful stuff all white Soki;
4. We didn't have time enough to visit the museum, at the shop they sell nice things from past times Huis van Alijn;
5. Excellent Italian restaurant, a bit on the outside of the city Il Mezzogiorno. Visit their blog as well for recipes;
6. Lovely exhibition of Art Deco Design Museum;
7. Really beautiful shop Huiszwaluw;
8. Modern Art Museum S.M.A.K.;
9. The best cakes & meringues Julie's House.
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