Friday, 28 October 2011

Go Green Market, October 30

This Sunday 30 October, Liefgoed will be present at the Go Green Market of the Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior festival (10.00 - 17.00). This festival will take place at 29, 30 & 31 October and 3, 4, 5 November, kop Java-eiland Amsterdam. What will we bring with us for you to buy:

Excellent laptop sweaters, made from sweaters done living a life as sweater and given a second life as a warm protector of your precious laptop. We even have Ipad sweaters!

Nice paperclips, given a second change as the were saved from a horrible man who used to molest them! They've been pimped with leather leftovers from musical costumes and finished of with old buttons. So now you can use them as bookmarkers or clips for your bills or anything that needs to be hold together.

Whatelse? The Liefgoed Family Planner for 2012 full with new Liefgoed designs that bring you back to the old days. You'll receive a special bag with the Planner made from old Bali ricebags. And of course the Add & Edit notebook filled with paper saved from the bin. Want to see more? Come and visit us this Sunday. For more information check Sunday Market or Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior Festival for the full program with discussions, music, entertainment and food.
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