Saturday, 23 April 2011

2 days 2 reasons

Two days of New York for two reasons: Liefgoed & Sister Act. It's been quite some years since I visited NY and it's always been a rush. But this time I had my mind set on going to Brooklyn. No idea of how it was before, but now it was a real pleasure strolling around the streets & having a look at the little shops. My two favourites being Papel & Acorn. Papel is a lovely shop selling all kinds of paper, cards & stationary. For more pictures & the story of Papel Allyn wrote a very nice piece.
The other favourite is Acorn. A beautiful toy shop and not only for children as my mom will find out tomorrow.

And than the big Broadway Premiere of Joop's & Whoopie's Sister Act. It was a big blast, the show was absolutely amazing. Can't say anything less about the party at the excellent location of Gotham Hall.

One more thing, ever heard of Shake Shack? I didn't, it was just around the corner of the hotel and as there was a line waiting for the door and me being curious I had a go at it. It's a soo much better than the usal snack store and... you can have a glass of wine with it as well. Consider this as an invitation to locate yourselves at Amsterdam.

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