Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Happy games, fase III

I knew the time would come, that our 10 year old boy wouldn't accept the pink & white childrens playroom (mostly pink I have to admit) as their domain, but I have posponed it as long as I possibly could. The girl didn't mind, but hey all has to be decided in a democratic way, well almost.

As they wanted a Game Room, I suggested we have all sorts of vintage PacMan illustrations, but no, they wanted Mario. I refuse to have a guy with a moustache on any wall of the house, and as I'm the one painting it I should have a major vote in this. So we came up with this. Sorry can't remember where I got it from, internet, but where?

And now it's done, goodbye to Peter Pan Childhood Dreams, Hello Game World. The room has been transformed to a chill hang out place, all the pink has been removed. Bit sorry, but I also love it when their friends come over saying, wow this is cool!

So I'm done, made my deadline, fase I, II & III delivered before the first of March. But I'm also very very very tired, so tired that I can't be bothered to make some more pictures, sorry.

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