Monday, 6 December 2010

Only two days

It was only two days in Hamburg, Germany, but so much can happen in 48 hours. We were received at the hotel by this enormous but friendly smiling Steiff bear. The hotel was full of Christmas decoration and the snow outside was the finishing touch. Looking so much better than the ordinary snow spray, really Astrid, don't know how you pulled that together :).

The first evening we were invited for the Opening Night of Sister Act. A bright & swinging musical. Honestly, when you're feeling depressed, go there, it's an absolute party! Isn't this a wonderful picture of Whoopi (co-producer) & the leading lady of the show? For more: Sister Act

I remember going to the World premiere of Sister Act in London in June 2009, a similar wonderful evening, different temperature though! But through my eyes, not being an expert on this, I would say the show even improved since then.  World premiere June 2009 London

We all know, and in case you didn't, now you do, the Germans are big fans of Christmas. They decorate everything, in style I must say & have Christmas markets with loads of people actually standing outside chatting & having fun. Never got the part of having fun in the cold, but that's me. It must be said Hamburg looked like a fairytale, it was a joy and extremely difficult NOT to spend huge amounts of money.

One more thing. At the superb Christmas dinner I learned that one of the guests,  which I know for almost 10 years now, opened a shop full of delicacies. Mostly German, based on grandmothers recipes. You can visit it online, but also in Hamburg. So, if you're still looking for that special Christmas present for mom or dad, hurry! My Supper

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