Sunday, 12 September 2010

September wanna haves

It's the first time for us to make a list of wanna haves and we must say it was quite a search & decision making. Not that we don't have any wishes, we DO!, but usually we simply don't tell them. Now that we did, we can't stop. Another good thing, our birthdays are both in November, so it's fairly easy for other people now to see what we really want to have as a present....

  1. So sweet, this cute rabbit night lamp made of fine bone china. Who says it's only for children? By Nordic Child;
  2. More ceramic, lovely ear rings designed by Anne Black;
  3. Tiny mice living in a match-box, it's their home, their bed, kids can play with them for hours. By Maileg;  
  4. A leather journal by Renate Ikinger;
  5. Romantic & nostalgic hair pins by Paper and Ribbons;
  6. Don't know if you cycle a lot, we do, and wearing a skirt or a dress while doing that mostly ends up in showing your panties. But now there is the dress clip, for a cycling in a decent way. By Nomonro; 
  7. Cuff links We're not wearing them but my husband does, and being a writer they would suite him perfectly. By buttons by Lou Lou;
  8. My favorite jewelry designer, Nadine Kieft unfortunately this necklace is no longer available, but there is so much more I want from her;
  9. Bags, we always need bags. Preferably a XL basic style one, so all our stuff including laptop will fit in. This one will do nicely. By Hiddengem.
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