Sunday, 30 May 2010


We are (Joyce) very lucky to have enough space living in Amsterdam to even have a playroom for the kids. Created 5 years ago, loaded with stuff, which I try to orden once in a while, as they like to use it for storage. Two years ago it was upgraded with an computer, but now, big change is needed. They earned enough money at Queensday selling their stuff and bought (even the same day!) a Wii. That Wii, is now in our living room, and I don't like it. So it has to go to the playroom, but Wii-ing takes up some space to actualy play tennis, bowling etc. which means cleaning up big time. And that's what I've been doing the whole day. No more swords, clowns, prince of Arabia outfits, or even princess slippers, all gone! But what's next? They want to keep the pink wall with Peter Pan & Tinkerbell on it. But I think that's all the pink that's gonna stay. Lounging & wii-ing it will be. Any ideas, love to hear them.
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