Monday 17 January 2011

Cherish the chair

I'm looking, or actually I was looking for two new chairs for my ' to be' practice. I couldn't find anything out of the ordinary that was affordable. As you all know, Liefgoed loves re using the old & creating something new with it, and just as I was to give in to a quite ok possible chair I came across Project 99.

At Project 99 they keep the frames of old chairs, which they find or are being given and cover them with materials like clothing, cowhide, wallpaper, rubber and even sometimes material they find on the street. The 99 stands for 99 euro's for a chair. They also have Project 999, for couches & fauteuils.

You can imagine, I wanted to see for myself, so yesterday my little girl & I went to the Herengracht, 'cause they only are open on Sunday afternoons.  You can simply pick a frame and the material you want & they make it for you, how excellent is that! Oh and so sweet, they gave some cowhide to my daughter to make something nice of it, we did, two pieces, one for me & one for her.

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